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Contractors Business Loans

Get a Business Loan for construction companies and contractors

The costs of running a construction company can be substantial. Maintaining and replacing equipment, buying materials, and making payroll are all recurring expenses that require constant and reliable cash flow. With contractor loans and construction business loans, your business can operate at full strength.


Alternately, a business line of credit can be exactly what your firm needs to overcome seasonality and smooth out the capital requirements of large expenditures.


The Belmont Franklin Group's business loans give you the working capital you need to pay for business expenses.

Train Employees

  • Business loan funds can help you set up employee training programs that teach your staff the skills to perform their jobs

  • Adding safety seminars or programs can help promote a safe work culture for employees

Expand Business Service Area

  • Invest in marketing or advertising for your plumbing or electrical business

  • Hire the employees you need to serve new markets and grow your business

Regular Business Expenses

  • Pay for rent, utilities and office supplies for your company’s office space

  • Cover the cost of regularly maintaining tools and equipment used on the job

Licensing and Insurance Costs

  • Make sure your technicians are properly licensed to follow safety standards

  • Ensure your company is safe from liability in the event of an accident

The Belmont Franklin Group understands the hard work that you put in when running a small business and the need for proper funding on rainy days, and that is exactly why we have designed flexible and at the same time, convenient funding options. that include bad credit business loans.

To Qualify up to $500k:   

  • 500 Credit Score 

  • $5000 in Monthly Deposits

  • 3 Months Business Bank Statements

  • 7+ Deposits Per Month

  • Positive Daily Balance

  • Approve up to 85% of Your Monthly Revenue

Are You Ready to Get Started? 

Fill out our one-page application, submit three months of bank statements, and get approved within 24 hours.

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