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Dog Grooming

Pet Care Industry – Pet Supplies, Pet Grooming, Pet Boarding, Veterinarians

Growth in the pet industry has exploded in recent years. Today, more than 65% of households in the U.S. own at least one pet. In 2018, Americans spent $5.24 billion on pet services like grooming and boarding. Large big-box pet stores may be the most recognized, but there are thousands of independent pet businesses in cities and towns across the country.

In this competitive marketplace, how can you set your business apart?


Because it takes money to grow, what would you do with an infusion of working capital?

  • Increase marketing and advertising

  • Renovate or expand your business

  • Hire additional groomers/employees

  • Build up your inventory

  • Create a loyalty program

  • Purchase a POS system with scheduling capabilities

  • Add a mobile unit and take your services to your clients

Don’t dream about growing your pet supply business or veterinarian practice. Make it happen with a cash advance from The Belmont Franklin Group.

The Belmont Franklin Group has helped thousands of merchants grow their businesses.


The Belmont Franklin Group has helped veterinarians invest in their practices, adding new equipment to keep up with competitors. No collateral is needed because we are not a bank. Applying is simple. There are no application fees or other hidden costs, and you can have cash in the bank in 24 hours.

Whatever your need, a cash advance from The Belmont Franklin Group is easy, fast, and flexible.  Apply today.

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