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Lawn Care Business Loans



How Gardening and Landscaping Business Loans Can Help You

When it comes to running a successful landscaping or gardening business, you have to be willing to take on the slow seasons. Getting through the winter months can be difficult if your business is based on growing and maintaining plants. Landscaping business loans help your gardening and landscaping business pay bills and expenses during the slow months and capitalize on growth opportunities in the busy season.

Bring on New Employees

  • Hire more personal trainers, nutritionists and other staff members to help your clients reach their goals

  • As you grow, you’ll need more staff to run the front desk, clean equipment and manage member information

Landscaping Equipment Financing

  • Replace worn trucks or equipment trailers so your business looks professional

  • Upgrade to newer mowers and other lawn and garden tools without the cost of buying new

Hire and Train Employees

  • Meet business growth needs by hiring new employees for your landscaping team

  • Invest in your employees with training programs that help them work more efficiently

Cover Insurance Costs

  • Pay for worker’s compensation insurance in case there are injuries on the job

  • Cover you and your landscaping company’s assets with liability insurance

The Belmont Franklin Group understands the hard work that you put in when running a small business and the need for proper funding on rainy days, and that is exactly why we have designed flexible and at the same time, convenient funding options. that include bad credit business loans.

To Qualify up to $500k:   

  • 500 Credit Score 

  • $5000 in Monthly Deposits

  • 3 Months Business Bank Statements

  • 7+ Deposits Per Month

  • Positive Daily Balance

  • Approve up to 85% of Your Monthly Revenue

Are You Ready to Get Started?  

Fill out our one-page application, submit three months of bank statements, and get approved within 24 hours.

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