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Get business funding in as little as 24 hours! Fill out the below and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to keep the funding process moving. We’re looking forward to doing business!

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Fast, Flexible Equipment Loans

Affordable equipment loans to move your business forward

Whether you're upgrading to the newest model, replacing broken machinery or just expanding your offerings with new or used equipment, equipment loans from The Belmont Franklin Group can help you acquire what you need for your business. Our hassle-free equipment loans will help solve your company's toughest challenges and support your greatest opportunities.

The Belmont Franklin Group Difference:

Finance Nearly Anything:

  • Quick approval process

  • 100% financing for equipment & soft costs

  • Flexible terms up to 84 months

  • Finance up to $2 million in equipment

  • Acquire new or used equipment

  • Replace or repair aging equipment

  • Expand your service offerings

  • May save money versus renting

  • Buy equipment from any vendor

  • Potential tax advantages



  1. 1.Total equipment cost requesting.

    • Preferably quote and year manufacture and if used or new.

    • If used has it been remanufactured or updated? 

    • Model number plate  (most companies have some code in their serial number that they determine the date manufacture).    

    • What year it was manufactured? 

  2. Last 3 months complete bank statements.

  3. Voided check  

  4. Driver license  

  5. If customer has down payment or do you need The Belmont Franklin Group to fund you the down payment?

Apply today and put your funds to work tomorrow!

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