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Dentistry Busines Loans

Belmont has the Capital that makes Dentists SMILE!


The art and science of dentistry goes far beyond teeth. You want to grow your business wisely, and working with a lender who has experience in your industry is part of that equation. 


Invest in your Dental Practice

Savvy dental business owners understand that investing in the business is a continual process – one that will help to ensure repeat business of existing clients and a broadening customer base going forward. For dental businesses this means refurbishing or replacing existing equipment, technology, and instruments, as well as occasionally refreshing the actual dental office. A clean, bright, and inviting space presents the right image to help you earn more business, while an old, dingy, or outdated office can really hold back a dental business.


This is a competitive field, so if you own or manage a dental business you’ll want to ensure that you are always a leader in your local market – and that takes money. Use the money the way you see fit.  Expand with new offices, pay your taxes, invest in new dental equipment, or even marketing and advertising.

Update Dental Equipment

  • Dental office loans allow you to refurbish or replace your dental care equipment

  • Use a working capital loan to cover the costs of technology innovations in the dental industry

Pay Everyday Expenses

  • Cover the cost of recurring expenses like floss, beverages or printer paper

  • Pay your dental office space rent, utilities and taxes to keep the lights on and water running

Spruce Up Your Dental Office

  • Create a clean, modern look in your waiting area with new furniture and décor

  • Promote patient comfort with in-chair entertainment options like televisions while they wait

Grow Your Practice

  • Expand your dental practice to a larger location or open a second practice in a new area

  • Bring on another dentist or hire additional staff with funds from a dental practice loan


The Belmont Franklin Group can provide the capital you require to get back on the path to success, and start treating your patients.

The Belmont Franklin Group understands the hard work that you put in when running a small business and the need for proper funding on rainy days, and that is exactly why we have designed flexible and at the same time, convenient funding options. that include bad credit business loans.


To Qualify up to $500k:   

  • 500 Credit Score 

  • $5000 in Monthly Deposits

  • 3 Months Business Bank Statements

  • 7+ Deposits Per Month

  • Positive Daily Balance

  • Approve up to 85% of Your Monthly Revenue


Are You Ready to Get Started?

Fill out our one-page application, submit three months of bank statements, and get approved within 24 hours.

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