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business line of credit

A line of credit is a set amount a business owner can access at any time for any need.

Belmont's Line of Credit

Made Simple


Line of Credit Features*

We understand the need for business owners to have access to different amounts of funds, at different times and for different purposes.


Lines of Credit programs allow you to do just that and more.


Get approved for larger amounts of capital, but only incur cost on funds you draw. 

How Do I Qualify?

The application process for a business line of credit is quick and simple, even if you have a less established credit history. We can get you approved in minutes and you can start drawing funds in as little as one day.

You can apply online or via one of our dedicated business advisors at 281-453-1556, and all we need to see is a government-issued ID (like a drivers’ license), a voided check from your business checking account, and three months of business statements.


You can apply for a line of credit for business and get approval in advance, so that you’re prepared for anything, but there will be nothing to pay until you tap into your funds.

To Qualify:

  • 24 Months in Business 

  • Minimum of $20,000 in Monthly Revenue for 3 consecutive months

  • 680 Credit Score

How Does a Line of Credit Work?

A line of credit for business is a set amount that you can access as and when you need it. This type of revolving credit is a quick and convenient way to get the funds you need when you need them, without having to wait for approval. You can get approval for funds up to a set credit limit, but you only start making repayments on your business line of credit once you start drawing from the pot.

In business, you can’t plan for everything, and you certainly can’t predict the future, so flexible financing options like a business line of credit allow you to make room for the unexpected. Whether it’s an exciting business opportunity or an unforeseen financial blow, you can dip into your business line of credit funds without any delay. Even better, this revolving credit is available for you to use again and again as you continue to borrow and pay back, within your agreed credit limit.

A line of credit for business can be secured with collateral, or unsecured, and payments can be made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Take Advantage of our New Program Today!

**Belmont will increase the Line of Credit each month as long as there are no missed payments and that you do not stack the Line with any other loans from outside lenders

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