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Attorney Business Loans

Law Firm Financing and Loans for Lawyers

Any attorney knows that growing a business is difficult. The expenses never stop – and it can take years to receive payouts from successful verdicts or settlements.  Get the capital to grow your firm today, so you can reap the rewards tomorrow.

If you’re an attorney who joined the ranks of a large firm believing it was your only option, think again. Funding for a solo practice or small legal partnership is easily accessible through The Belmont Franklin Group. More good news is that we don’t place restrictions on the use of the cash advance.


The Belmont Franklin Group has designed convenient and automated payback options to reduce your workload and stress. Our options are also customizable for easy integration into your business’ operations.  Most business owners prefer our first payback model—Automated Clearing House (ACH)—because they can closely track and manage their cash flow. This law firm financing solution consists of a fixed amount deducted from your business’ bank account either on a daily or weekly schedule. Your advance can always be renewed or have an increased limit after you’ve paid 50% of the cash advance.

Your business may qualify for a Business Line of Credit, in which case you can get fast access to funds and not immediately pay back 50% of the original advanced amount.

All you need to provide us with is the application, 3 months bank statements, voided check and driver’s license.

Take Your Legal Practice to the Next Level 

Fill out our one-page application, submit three months of bank statements, and get approved within 24 hours. 

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