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Small Business Loans

About The Belmont Franklin Group

Lending Solutions for Small Business Success

We work fast to bring you peace of mind.

The Belmont Franklin Group provides the CAPITAL you need within 48 hours! 

The Belmont Franklin Group is the #1 provider of small business loans. The Belmont Franklin Group’s fast & flexible small business loans can provide working capital to almost any business in as little as 48 hours.

We at The Belmont Franklin Group have one goal in mind: to get you approved for the capital you need. To that end, we will work with you hand in hand to ensure your business’s future.


The Belmont Franklin Group focuses on the health of your business – not your personal credit score.  We offer custom-tailored solutions for ventures and established businesses which break the mold, meaning we stray away from traditional credit-based lending and we don’t look to end the relationship once we’ve made a loan.

At The Belmont Franklin Group, we pride ourselves on building relationships with entrepreneurs from all sectors. We understand it can be a difficult time to look for money when times are tight or you have been denied a loan from other institutions. We will take the time to understand the challenges you are facing and find a solution that is right for you. Where other institutions look for a reason to deny an application, we look for a reason to say YES.

Why TheBelmontFG is Better

At The Belmont Franklin Group, our mission is to build lasting partnerships. Having worked with small businesses for years, we have profound respect for the men and women who take the risk to start the operations that are the foundation of the American economy. We want to grow with you and help you find the solutions that are best for your business.

The Belmont process takes lending to the next level, generating organic models which can accommodate the cyclical nature of business and sales.   This can prove extremely helpful and valuable to business owners who have seasonal products or services, meaning that there is no set payment, but rather a flexible plan that accommodates the cash flow of the business.

Unlike traditional lenders, The Belmont Franklin Group works with many lenders who approves businesses by looking at real life data, not just a credit score.

Are You Ready to Get Started? 

Fill out our one-page application, submit three months of bank statements, and get approved within 24 hours.

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